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Completion and assembly

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Assembly with precise inspection

High-quality technical, technological and personnel equipment allows us to carry out the assembly of products or the assembly of components into units. When assembling, we design and use appropriate procedures and methods that take into account the cost and quality of the resulting components. Part of the completion is the assembly inspection, which ensures the functionality of the units and adherence to customer requirements and specifications.

Assembly outsourcing

Outsourcing the assembly to our resources, we can make further assembly operations significantly more efficient for our clients. Efficiency in today's buyer-supplier relationships is being achieved:

Time efficiency

Leaving the time-consuming task of completion to our resources. By outsourcing unit assembly, customer teams have more time to devote to primary activities such as development, technology procurement by reducing energy requirements, etc.

Scaling of own production

Increasing own primary production. With Ironal as your reliable partner for kitting and assembly, you can scale up your own production faster.

High quality assembly

Minimising errors. By completing, we help our customers to reduce risks and errors in the production process.

Reducing storage costs

Reducing the stocks needed. Assigning responsibility for the assembly of components, you reduce the required storage space in your company.


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